Handmade Pareos

Shop Ashana pareos for an easy breezy beach cover up. Wear them as Skirt, Top, Dress, Scarf, Cover up and even Beach towel...


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Elegant and refined 100% cotton pareos made with gold hand block prints and gold silk embroidered patterns.

Classic PAREO

Handmade in 100% cotton hand block printed, our classic pareos are available in various colorful patterns perfect to enhance your gold tanned skins on the beach. Pick your favorite ones!

Embroidered Pareo

Beautiful hand crafted pieces, these embroidered Pareos are called Phulkari Dupatta, meaning «Flower work».

They are made with the traditional embroidery techniques of the Punjab region. Each Phulkari has a different embroidered pattern made of vibrant colors, flower embroideries & sequins.

A beautiful handcrafted piece to create a refined Boho look.

Khadi Pareo

Crafted in India from cotton khandi - a handspun and handwoven fabric famously favoured by Mahatma Gandhi - to a rectangular shape that can be worn and styled in various ways. Fasten it over the hips of a swimsuit on vacation.