Our Story

Vinta Alternative Market started in Siargao Island during the height of the Pandemic in October 2020. Our vision is to bring in a curation of sustainable, ethically-sourced and all natural products for the people living in Siargao during that difficult season, amidst lockdown and travel restrictions. 

We started as a bulk-store of different healthy dry food including premium loose leaf tea and specialty grade coffee beans, where everyone can buy just the amount that they need, reducing the use of plastic packaging on the island.

Thru the support of our local community, we have grown to expand our selection with unique pieces and the best brands we love from sun care, beauty & personal care, to women’s clothing and island essentials that brings a sense of little pleasure to our valued customers.

Vinta was built on the idea to be more than just a shop, but also to have a space to share good moments and give an exceptional shopping experience with our customers, who in turn to be friends sharing the same vibe within the community on the island.

Bulk food station

Come and shop in bulk on the island! We have a wide selection of Dry Food (Nuts, Seeds, Dried Fruits), Spices, Grains, Flours, Oils, Vinegar & Honey!

Loose Leaf Tea & Specialty Coffee

Offering quality, aroma and flavor is our main priority! Thus, we curated the best quality of loose leaf teas and specialty grade coffee beans coming both from local and international farms.

Discover our selection of 30+ variety of teas and 10+ different origins of coffee beans.

Locally-made & Imported Products for Beauty and Home

Feeling good about yourself is very important to us. Which is why we are bringing the best selection of beauty, skincare and personal care products that do not only make you look good, but also feel good. Paired with other home accessories that will help transform your space with a cozy vibe!

Wanna surprise your beloved one?

We create the best gift boxes for you! Choose among a selection of mindful gifts and then received your gift box at the doorstep of your home! We take care of everything.

Enjoy some of our homemade drinks & sweets

Vinta is not only about shopping but also connecting with each other!

If you happen to be in Siargao, come hang with us during one of our Pop-ups and get the chance to try our selection of homemade drinks & sweets prepared by our passionate friends from the island.

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