Unique handcrafted pieces, these embroidered Pareos are made with the traditional embroidery techniques of the Punjab region in India.

Each Dupatta has a different embroidered pattern made of vibrant colors, flower embroideries & sequins.

A beautiful handcrafted piece to create a refined Boho look.

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    Handmade in Pure Cotton Khadi Fabric, a handspun and handwoven fabric famously favoured by Mahatma Gandhi, our Khadi pareos have a beautiful rugged texture that feels comfortable and keep fresh during the day. Very light you can wear it as a pareo in various ways but also use it as a beach towel, as its cotton fiber dries very fast! 

    Bring an ethnic touch to your summer wardrobe!

    Elegant and refined 100% cotton pareos made with gold hand block prints and gold silk embroidered patterns.

    Handmade in 100% cotton hand block printed, our classic pareos are available in various colorful patterns perfect to enhance your gold tanned skins on the beach. Pick your favorite ones!